Sunday, November 29, 2009

Excavator Boss

The chainsaw guy is also an excavator driver in his spare time.
You'll have to look out for his menacing excavator in one of the later levels as he turns out to be quite a challenge.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

'Guerrilla Bob Looks Awesome'

Here’s what some of the most experienced people in the industry thought about Bob:

"Looks like minigore on crack"

Blake Patterson – TouchArcade Podcast #3

“John Rambo has nothing on Guerrilla Bob”

“More gunfire and explosions than a Michael Bay action trilogy”

“Features a beefy-chest hero with a I’m-too-tough-for-my-own-good-moustache rivaled only by Charles Bronson..and possibly Chuck Norris”

William Usher – Cinema Blend

“The art design is fenomenal. That's what attracted me when they sent me the screen shots. I said oh, wow! that's something else.”

Eli Hodapp – TouchArcade Podcast #3

“I think this is what I wanted Minigore to be originally. They have variety”

Dave Castelnuovo, creator of Pocket God