Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beta Testing now OPEN!

We are looking to start beta testing Guerrilla Bob this week and would gladly accept applications from anybody interested.

Initially there will be 20 positions open for beta testers, and applications will be considered until Sunday, December 13th 2009. So if you think you’d enjoy playing our game over and over, or if you know of anybody who is crazy for action games, please send them over.

To apply, please send an email to this address: beta [at] with the following info:

1. iPhone/iPod model
2. What type of games you play the most
3. Your country
5. If you’ve had any previous experience beta testing
6. Why you would be the best candidate to choose for beta testing Guerrilla Bob

Thank you all in advance!


  1. me too i hope i am also admitted!!!!!

  2. So now it's too late to join?

  3. what do you think the price will be?

  4. We're not sure yet about the price, but we'll let you guys know when we'll decide.