Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guerrilla Bob Launch Trailer

Guess who's going to make a guest appearance?
Yup, it's superstar John Gore.

We tried to find the best way he could blend with all the action in Guerrilla Bob, while still preserving his personality, and his lust for clovers.

Bob vs John will be an epic fight, with some strategy involved, to make it even more challenging. I won’t spoil all the details just yet about the fight tactics, but if you do manage to kill him, you’ll be rewarded by unlocking a survival mode in Guerrilla Bob.

We will submit the game to Apple this week, so stay tuned!
Meanwhile, enjoy this cool new trailer and screenshots:


  1. minigore is a good game. thanks for the pics and trailer. Cant wait for its release.

  2. Hmmm... Seems you guys don't get many comments around here. :(

    Looks great, I love minigore and have been looking at this game for a while, hopefully you listen to your community! That is what makes games like this the best!

    Hopefully one of the devs or someone can tell me how much this will cost? So I don't spend my $5 just yet!