Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guerrilla Bob CO-OP MULTIPLAYER Update - BETA Testers Wanted

A super duper update is coming really soon, with all these cool new features:
  • CO-OP multiplayer
  • new enhanced Guerrilla Bob HD for the iPad
  • 2 players can play simultaneously on one iPad, side by side, without a split-screen
  • play CO-OP on local WiFi networks: connect together your iPhone, iPod, iPad and even a PC or Mac
  • Retina Display support
  • Fast App Switching
  • Game Center support
  • Improved controls
  • Various game balance tweaks
  • New playable character
All these are really close to finished, we just need your help now, to play-test it and make sure everything holds up just fine on various WiFi connection scenarios. If you'd like to apply for a beta tester position, please send me an email, to 'beta', with this info:
  • device models
  • you'd need to play co-op with a friend, so you'd both need to have an iPhone/iPod/iPad to play over WiFi. You'd also need to play side by side, and keep an eye on your friend's display, so you'd be able to track any differences in gameplay. Please estimate how long you and your friend would be able to play together per day.
  • your UDIDs
  • please mention any previous beta testing experience you had.
We'll be accepting 15 pairs of testers (30 testers in total) by Thursday, November 25th.

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